Laser Stipple

We are proud to offer laser stippling! We use a 30 watt, Fiber laser to bring those kick ass textures & designs, to life. Our laser stippling is clean, precise and most importantly, functional.

Currently, we are ONLY laser stippling FACTORY BLACK GLOCK frames, but we can add Cerakote to your project.

$125 base price includes Left, Right panel & index prep & lasering, for whatever pattern you decide below. Frame prep work is smoothing the panels to remove factory texturing, to ensure that the cleanest pattern is applied. Additional frame prep and options are available and listed below.

* Single/Double Undercut + $30/$40

* Finger Groove Removal + $40

* In-between Finger Grove + $30

* Back + $40

* Logo Inset + $25

* Single/Double Undercut, Fingergroove Removal, Back Prep Combo + $125

Add Single Color Cerakote + $100

Add Battleworn Cerakote + $125

Add Multicam/Pattern Cerakote + $200

Available Patterns